Mobile Spray Tan in Yorkshire


I went to school with Lisa, a few years ago, so I already knew what a clever lady she was. When I set up my mobile spray tan company, Lisa was the obvious choice for help with the techie stuff.

How Lisa has helped me? right from the very start, goes way beyond what I could ever have expected. From not minding (and answering), late night emails, to sorting out absolutely everything. I can’t stress to you enough, her enthusiasm is so infectious.

And more to the point, I am absolutely thrilled with the end result, and the work it has gained me, and I feel so reassured that Lisa is looking after things for me, she really knows her stuff.

So even if you (like me), are running a local company, and think I don’t need a website, I can tell you from personal experience, get Lisa on board, and you will soon be reaping the results.
Sharon Batty
Pink Pamper Mobile Spray Tans

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