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New domain names ready for rental at £99 p/m

At Optimum SEO we have now secured the following domain names and are now developing a full CMS website, advertised in 50 Essex areas on Google. If you want to get 2015 off to a busy start, then please call 01279 260222 to secure one of the following websites, totally bespoke, for your company @ […]

Keywords SEO search key words lock

Exclusivity rights for your SEO keywords

At Optimum SEO we are proud to show complete sincerity when helping our clients with their SEO campaign. When we take you on-board, and agree the required SEO keywords in a chosen geographical area, we will never provide the same service for one of your competitors. This service is guaranteed throughout the entirety of your […]

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Essex websites to rent

Optimum SEO currently have the following websites ready to be updated with a new clients details. The rental websites include: web development web hosting 1 x domain name email set up and management exclusivity rights – one trade keyword per area only image editing Price: monthly fee @ £99.00 Contract terms: 30 days’ notice […]


Amazing cheap SEO

Looking for amazing cheap SEO? Our rent a website is the most cheapest option you will find, to include a CMS website, domain name, web hosting, email set up and management, and local SEO advertising in 50 areas per county. Call Optimum SEO for more information today on 01279 260222.