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Why Social-Media Marketing Is a Brilliant SEO Strategy

Why Social-Media Marketing Is a Brilliant SEO Strategy

Keys for long-term marketing success.

The bottom-line answer is yes, your social media campaign can and will improve your search rankings, so long as you bear the following best practices in mind for long-term success:

Complete out your profiles. This should be your very first step. You never know what information could be useful, so fill in every field completely.

• Promote your content via social media (and beyond). Content promotion is your greatest shortcut to greater search engine visibility, so make the most of it and syndicate every piece of content you develop.

• Encourage shares. Publish content that has a high potential for share ability, and encourage your users to share them. This will earn you more social signals, more inbound links, and more audience members to support you in the future.

• Engage with influencers. Finally, go out of your way to find and interact with influencers. They represent major opportunities to multiply your audience and brand visibility.

With these best practices and your social media campaign integrated tightly into your content marketing and SEO efforts, you’ll see an impactful increase in every area of development. Social media may only be a peripheral component to your strategy, but that doesn’t leave it with any less potential.

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